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Every product handmade

100% of our products are made to order by hand, including tradtional hand stitching from the day you purchase.

We value true handmade craftsmanship. Every product with the highest durablity and unique look of refinment.

Browse from our selection of Bags, Card Holders and Accessories. We can then begin selecting the leathers and colours to bring your creation to life.

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Meet your Maker

Our story started in 2020 when I (Brandon Beer) decided to take up leather making. I saw this as a way to fill my spare time at home during the COVID 19 restrictions in England.

After growing more passionate for leather and mastering the art of creating luxury leather goods. I wanted to offer my work to those that appreciate fine craftsmanship.

I created the brand now known as Pevri. Offering my clients only the best service and luxury leather goods, all still handmade in my home workshop.