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Welcome to the Pevri leather Boutique.

Online Handmade Luxury Leather Goods In UK

The Pevri Boutique offers luxury leather goods for sale online. We are offering our Leather goods boutique in the UK to online so we can offer our superior quality in an accessible way. Although we are a fine leather goods company in the UK, we tend to use leather from tanneries all over the world. Producing us with beautiful products and accessories.

You can buy handmade leather goods online here at Pevri. We offer all things leather from belts, wallets and card holders, with the Intend to create stylish bags you can cherish. All our products created by the hands of fine craftsman, making every Product unique in every way. Online handmade luxury leather goods are part of the future by having luxury accessible at your fingertips allowing us to communicate with you, our client.

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Luxury Leather Goods in UK
Calf Skin Belt

Calf skin belt

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The reason Pevri exists. Our first product available. This belt was to symbolise Sophistication and class. Made from fine calf skin gives a subtle but elegant look. Colours, materials and hardware all chosen specifically to get this desired look.

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