The Mayfair Bag

The Mayfair bag is the very symbol of elegance. To accompany that special dinner date, the glamorous gatherings or the special occasion. A true piece of craftsmanship.

The Design

Designed to be elegant, sophisticated, and classy all at once. The small taper from the bass of the bag to the top creates a beautiful silhouette. The handle is designed to be held by your hand or over the wrist. It consists of 4 layers of leather; theses layers are used to create a 3D sculpture. Giving a small yet beautiful detail with the added comfort to your hand. 4 hours of craftsmanship are put into creating this handle before it is ready to assemble to the rest of the bag. This bag takes around 20-22 hours to create. Like all our products, it’s made entirely by hand, no two bags are ever the same.

Signature Rectangle

The Mayfair is all about angles, so we created a simple yet eye catching centre piece. Using a rectangular flat loop made the bag come to life. Originally The Mayfair was going to use a rectangular turn lock, but with supplier issues this new and more unique style was born.

Bag Details

  • Dimensions (Excludes Handle) 30L x 12.5W x 21H CM
  • Can be made in 30CM, 25CM, 20CM Length.
  • Smaller sizes available 
  • 3.2 Inch handle drop length
  • Gold or silver plated hardware
  • Zipper style interior pocket
  • Entirely saddle stitched by hand
  • Includes matching strap

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        Our process of creation differs completely to the normal mass producing brands. Every product that is created is entirely made by hand. Every seam being traditionally saddle stitched, showcasing beautiful handmade craftsmanship.


         Our leather goods are all about the client.

        All our products made to order so you know it has been made especially for you. We give our clients a range of customisations on every product from the colour of leather, thread colours and offering you the ability to add your custom initials. 

        Offering the ability for our clients to customise a product to their specific requirements making every creation one of a kind.