Coventry Card holder

Leather choice:


Look the part, ready to fine done with Pevri coventry card holder. Vertical style card holder consisting of 4 card slot and 2 hidden pockets under either side. 

Made to order 

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 UK Men's Trouser Size  Pevri Equivalent 
28" 75
30" 80
32" 85
34" 90
36" 95

Leather is a living material, which requires care and attention to help it withstand the test of time. Here are some steps you can take to keep your product looking at its best. Any doubts or concerns we advise you to consult a specialist.

- When storing your product, it is best to be placed in a dust bag to prevent it becoming scratched and avoid the build up of dust.

- On a regular basis, wipe down your leather product with a damp cloth. Doing this on a regular basis will keep the leather clean and looking at its best.

- Rubbing your product over with a leather conditioner occasionally, will help hydrate the leather and keep it looking healthy.

- Take care and avoid having your leather product rub up against abrasive surfaces and objects. Anything rough or sharp will scratch your item, creating unwanted imperfections.

- Avoid leaving your leather product in direct sunlight as this can cause it to fade and crack over time. If your product happens to get wet, leave to dry at room temperature is the best choice.

- Keep your leather away from any artificial heat, Especially when drying otherwise this can cause the leather to shrink, crack and harden. 

- Avoid stretching your product, otherwise this can cause it to become deformed and damaged.

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