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Chester Card Holder

The Design

Made for small pocket organisation, to be on show at every purchase for everyone to see. Offering a subtle touch to your fingertips from the fine quality leather.

The Chester Card Holder offers 4 slimline card slots with a middle opening for your minimal everyday important cards. Lined with natural calf skin. Creating something so simple yet elegant takes up to 8 hours due hand stitched and assembled. Meaning no detail is missed.

    Product Details

    • 10.4 x 7.8 CM
    • Slim style card slots
    • Interior Lined 
    • Entirely saddle stitched by hand

    Leather Selection

    Epsom Calf

    High quality and much sought-after leather. Used by famous luxury brands throughout the worlds in the leathergoods fashion industry. 

    These french calf skins have a semi bright appearance with a fine grain heat embossed into the surface. The result is a rigid and extremely durable piece of leather.

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    French Chevre

    This goat leather is a versatile leather and is great to be used on the outside as well as the inside of leather creations. This leather has a beautiful grain and comes in various colours, also very durable and soft to the touch.

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    Saffiano Calf

    Saffiano is a great all-round leather. This leather famously originates from a famous Italian brand and continuous to live on now. Its cross hatched grain helps to hide any scratches it may pick up on its journey through life. More of a firmer leather and gives a desirable sophisticated look. Available in various colours.

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    Natural Calf

    Lining has a soft handle with a silky touch.


    Thread Colours

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