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Saddle stitching

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Handmade leather handbag
Handmade custom leather handbag

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Hand making our leather bags and accessories is a labour of love that involves a meticulous process and a keen eye for detail. Starting with selecting the finest quality leather, the artisan carefully cuts and shapes the pieces, ensuring precision and accuracy. Each seam is meticulously stitched by hand using techniques like saddle stitching, ensuring durability and strength. The edges are carefully finished to create a smooth and polished look. Throughout the process, the artisan's expertise and craftsmanship shine through, resulting in a one-of-a-kind bag that exudes elegance, durability, and timeless style. Our leather goods are not just accessories; they are works of art that showcase the skill and passion of the artisan behind them.

Saddle stitching uk

Enhancing Craftsmanship with Hand-Stitched Excellence

Saddle stitching

To begin saddle stitching, the leather artisan uses two needles, each threaded with a length of waxed thread. The needles are inserted through the leather from opposite sides, crossing each other in the middle. The artisan then pulls the needles through, creating a loop on each side of the leather. This process is repeated, with each stitch passing through the previous loop, resulting in a secure and visually appealing pattern.

Saddle stitching

Pricking the stitch line

Creating stitching holes

A pricking iron is a specialized tool with evenly spaced, sharp prongs that create precise holes in leather. By using a pricking iron, leather artisans can ensure consistent stitch spacing and alignment, resulting in clean and professional-looking stitches. This tool is particularly useful for saddle stitching, as it helps guide the needles through the leather, ensuring a strong and durable bond

Bags during creation

Handmade custom black handbag
Handmade custom black handbag
Saddle stitching handmade bag

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