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Ripon Tote

The Ripon Tote Bag brings sophistication and elegance to your everyday style. We feel every bag collection needs a tote no matter the size.

Designed and created in 2023. Knowing that most tote bags all look the same. The Ripon was designed with a tall stance in mind. The tubular handles ensure a comfortable carry for your essentials and end on the bag with a Pevri inspired unique look.

The Ripon Tote adds a touch of luxury to your everyday outings.

*The image shows 20cm made with red goat skin and gold hardware.

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Made to your taste

Every piece is custom and made to order entirely by hand. When placing an order with Pevri. We will discuss the size of the bag, your choice of leather, colours, hardware and more. Browse our selection of leathers and select a leather and colour you wish to commission your new bag with. You may also contact us for anymore information you may require.

Bag Details

Goat skin interior in the colour of your choice.

Complementary personalised embossing

Bag sizes available to create (width)

  • 20cm from £1050
  • 25cm from £1150
  • 30cm from £1300

Hardware colour choice

  • 24K Gold plated stainless steel
  • Ultra polished stainless steel

Bag straps

  • Canvas fixed length from £105
  • Canvas adjustable length from £125
  • Leather fixed strap length from £220
  • Leather adjustable strap length from £280

Enquire today

How it works

After discussing the requirements for your new bag, We will then politely ask a 50% non-refundable deposit to confirm your order. The outstanding balance is due upon completion of the bag. After we receive your deposit, you can then expect your bag to be shipped to you within 4 weeks after it has been constructed and quality checked to our standards.