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Creativity and handmade craftsmanship at the forefront of our brand.

Our Story

In a world where 95% of brands create products in huge quantities, made by machine and not very different from the rest.

PEVRI was created to offer an alternative for those who value uniqueness in products and desire something made just for them.

About Brandon

Founder Brandon first created PEVRI in 2020. His first idea was to create a luxury belt company importing products handmade in Italy.

After coming to realise that he could not have complete control over the quality of the products he decided to invest in himself and learn the skills it takes to create luxury leather goods. All self taught he learned how to assemble and saddle stitch leather.

He started with small leather goods to now create bags made to order entirely by hand. Wanting to offer something different and unique to the world by giving the customer the option to make their product truly unique to them.

Pevri Values

What we Value


All PEVRI products handmade in England using traditional leather working methods. Including the saddle stitch which was first introduced over 400,000 years ago.


All leather carefully inspected and only the best used. We use leather from smaller tanneries within Europe but are open to using the big name leathers for our product if the customer wishes.


We love to create something new. By giving the customer the option to choose the leather and colours they want. We are rarely making the same product twice. This excites us about creating the product.

Choosing Pevri

Choosing PEVRI connects you to our jouney as well as the journey your product takes to be brought to life.

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