Every Product Made To Order

Every product begins its journey from your devices screen. From the moment you decide on your favourite colours and product preferences, the process of creation begins. Each piece of leather cut precisely to size, proudly stamping the Pevri logo and your bespoke initials onto the upcoming product. All pieces assembled by hand in stages taking time and focus by the artisan. Once parts have been assembled, any areas which require a stitching are marked up and then traditionally hand stitched (also know as saddle stitched) The beautiful stitches lay tight against the leather as each stitch is threaded one by one. Any leather edges that require finishing are done so by hand with edge paint and polished using heat and beeswax, creating a beautiful matt shine. Final checks are made then your product will be cleaned, polished and packaged up in the elegant black gift box.

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Our true passion for creating the best.

Luxury lies in the small details