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Goat Skin (Chevre)

Goatskin (Chevre) leather, Has an aniline finish and characterised by a slightly wrinkled and irregular surface, it is a soft leather, but compared to lamb, sheep or mutton it is slightly thicker. These features make it a unique and immediately recognisable leather.

This leather can be used as an exterior leather but is always used as a lining in all our bags.

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Aniline Calf Skin

Aniline calfskin offers a elegant smooth look to your bag. The finish is the natural grain of calfskin that offers a medium shine with a medium temper.

This is one of the world's best leathers, used by the most famous Brands of Fashion to create bags, wallets and shoes. This leather is characterised by an outstanding quality.

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Pebble Calf Skin

Pebble (Shrunken) printed full grain calfskin leather. This is one of the world's best printed leather, used by the most famous Brands of Fashion to create bags and shoes.

The pigmented finishing gives the leather a uniform surface, excellent light resistance, defect coverage and easy maintenance.

This printed leather is also known as "Togo", "Dollar", "Madras" or "Shrunken" calf.

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Epsom Calfskin

Epsom (Alpine) printed calfskin leather has a soft temper, It is the original fashion luxury printed leather used by famous brands.

It may look similar to Leather, but compared to it it has a more irregular texture and a different design, it has also a softer temper.

This type of leather requires several special steps on the surface to be obtained, and is produced only in Italy, following very special processes.

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