Handmade leather goods

Our Story

From starting as a business idea to offer leather belts shipped in from Italy. We now strive to become a true English luxury brand. Creating the products ourselves gives us the control of the process and to maintain high standards. 

Starting out trying to create our business, we found out we need to educate ourselves on leather goods. We decided to give making a simple cardholder a go to understand the process it takes to create. The cardholder was not perfect but immediately became an addiction to create. Developing our skills, we grew more and more knowledgeable through courses and other members of the leather community. Developing an understanding of what makes a piece of fine leather high quality. Once we felt our skills could create beautiful products, Pevri was then established and now offering fine leather accessories to those who value the art of handmade. As our collection grows, we hope to expand becoming top of English luxury leather goods.  

Pevri aspires to becoming the top of modern leather luxury. Creating leather accessories and crafting them to extraordinary quality for clients wanting an exclusive product and lifestyle. Our products are created using traditional hand stitching methods and hand assembled from start to finish. Every piece taking considerable time to fulfil every detail to perfection. 

Pevri is currently offering its products exclusively to the United Kingdom. From 2021 all our products are created in the United Kingdom, reclaiming the name for English luxury.

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