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Article: Why We Choose Handmade?

Why We Choose Handmade?

Why We Choose Handmade?

With any product being handmade, it is seen as the higher quality option compared to factory made. Here we will explain why handmade leather goods outperform factory made.


The quality of handmade product is incomparable to factory made. Being handmade involves a high amount of intensive labour using a skilled artisan with years of craft behind them to create outstanding products. True passion goes into a product when one must spend a significant amount of time craft it.


The life of the product is far longer with all handmade process creating more durability for the product. At Pevri, our products are handstitched vs machine stitched. Using traditional saddle stitching creates a much strong stitch with the added back up of if the thread was ever to break it would not come unthreaded due to the technique of saddle stitching.

Environmentally friendly

Due to the process of handmade being very labour intensive, there is a lot less usage of machines and high electrical use tools. Compared to a factory with big industrials machines used to create the products, in trade use a lot of electricity.


Compared to a factory where every machine is made to repeat the exact same process over and over resulting in every unit being identical. Our handmade products are all completely unique. Although two products may be the same the process can vary from every stage of creating. Using hand alone process’s, no product can be identical.


Your products are being made by someone who cares, someone who has a passion to create, someone who wants to create the perfect item every time because they truly value the art they create.

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